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The old Minijos (Minges) village is located between the Lake of Krokų Lanka and the Kuršių Sea. Minge’s village is architectural monument. It is also called Lithuanian Venice because neighbors, relatives and friends from Homesteads on both banks of the river Minija, visit each other by boat.
Minijos village is in the Regional Park of Nemuna’s Delta, where more than 169 various birds breed. One of the oldest in the world Vente birds’ ringing station is located near Minija. Up to nowadays this seacoast is still minimally touched by industry so it offers the true beauty of nature, peaceful and healthy relaxation.
Jono Bulavino Homestead invites holiday makers to its beautiful location on the edge of Mingės village on the banks of river Minija. Homestead is located 50 km from Klaipėda and 17 km from Šilutė.
The host with pleasure welcomes everyone tired from the city noise, from the endless works and troubles, and those who miss rural peace and tranquility. Besides tranquility for active leisure lovers we can offer various activities. And if you still doubt whether rural tourism is for you, we can proudly say that most likely you won’t find better and more relaxing holiday in Lithuania. Visit us and enjoy the benefits of Mother nature and the hospitality of Jono Bulavino Homestead.

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